A Day At The Races – Warmingham, Crewe

New option on the YZ250… coffee holder

The weekend had been planned on the mic at a youth motocross event, until I found out very late in the day that the event was cancelled.

Somewhat disappointing, as to cover the event I’d passed on the chance to go to Cheshire with my dad to race at the AMCA meeting at Warmingham Lane.

As I don’t hold a race licence in 2018, a late entry using a ‘day’ licence would have been extremely expensive, so I opted to leave my bike behind and drive my dad up to Warmingham and help out.

The meeting was run by the Sandbach AMCA club, with the circuit just outside Crewe being their home venue. I’ve been here before to commentate at national events and honestly it’s not my favourite on the mic, as from the commentary point it’s only possible to see about 10% of the track.

But as a circuit it’s great, quite a few hills and jumps, quick in places. Generally hard-pack, although there are some slightly sandy sections. Although I said it’s not the best for commentating, it’s good for spectators. A tunnel leads under the circuit and there’s plenty of good vantage points from the infield.

Sandbach seem to invest a lot of time into looking after the circuit, with lots of good quality gates and spectator fences about, nice flat paddock with cut grass.

All very professional, and a venue that could easily hold the potential to host top level race meetings.

I was on pit-lane duty, which was fun although I’d really like to have rode. Although it did give me the chance to try out my eBay bargain… a Surf & Turf gazebo!

Bought second hand from eBay, it had spent a long time sat unappreciated in a Cash Converters store, so was definitely worth an hour’s drive to go strike a deal!

All in working order, and I can see it being very useful! It’s a top of the range Canopro, and is very robust

I enjoyed watching my dad race, and being at a big clubman level event.

I’m so used to being at pro / national events, it was a change to be at a large clubman event, when I was racing regularly this was the norm with over 150 riders entered every week.

Dad in action at Warmingham

Back in the mid ’00s my local AMCA meetings were very big most weekends, but seemed to take a hit following the recession at the end of the decade. That said, the local practice tracks were at busy as ever during that time, so maybe people were fed up with racing?

Anyway, couldn’t help but notice a couple of differences nowadays:

A: Some of the Senior level riders are extremely quick nowadays!

Or maybe they always were that speed and I forget how competitive it was?

B: The two strokes are making a comeback at clubman level. For sure this is a case at national level already, with the British 2 stroke series, and the resurgence of 125cc races. But a few years ago if I were to line up in a MX1 Senior or Senior / Expert race, I’d be one of maybe 3-4 riders on a two stroke, it used to be a nice feeling to be the first 250cc rider to cross the line amongst the 450 four strokes! But now it’s almost 50/50 in some classes between two and four strokes. And the two strokes are just as competitive!

It would be nice to get some race meetings under my belt soon, think it may be time to sign for a club again and get a race licence!

At the moment I have a few weekends away from commentating, so a race meeting might be in order!

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